We are all called Lucy

We are all called Lucy.

Please forgive me for not only the cryptic title of this post but also as I am going to jump a good few months in fact from November 2013 to this morning. I had planned on a long run this morning but my body wanted sleep so I had an extra hour in bed. When I got up I really didn’t fancy running but in the end with the dog looking at me and running to the front door I decided to go.

There is nothing special about today. I woke up feeling tired not wanting to run but knowing that I needed to go and get my fix to clear my head and have my ‘me’ time. So a short run was started only 3k was planned. As I got to the half way stage I noticed that stuck onto the black box beside a set of traffic lights was a note. I was curious but thought it would be for a lost dog or cat. As I got closer I could see in big writing ‘BLOOD CANCER’ ‘ok!’ I thought…. I wear a beat blood cancer top could this be for me? I quickly dismissed that thought but as I was a foot or so away I noticed more writing.

‘To the guy with the run for BLOOD CANCER t-shirt and the dogs please read this letter J’

I will admit I started panicking and thinking who have I upset? What have I done wrong? Then I noticed the smiley face. I took a picture to prove I wasn’t going mad and quickly sent it to Mrs B and a good friend to say I’ve just found this. They both replied open it!! I was going to wait until I got back but then wondered if it is a nasty letter I don’t want Mrs B or my son seeing me upset. So I opened it. I started reading. Yes I will confess I started to cry. This had to be one of the nicest things I have ever encountered. I had a burning question though. Who is Lucy and how can I find her?!!

So what did the letter say I can hear you all wonder?

“To the guy with the ‘run for Blood Cancer t-shirt’,

Every morning I drive past you and your lovely little dogs at 6.15am on my way to work and I just wanted to let you know that I think you are awesome.

I wish I had your determination and I hope that you don’t mind me saying – the pounds are just melting off you.

I’ve got a new job now so won’t see you, but you are looking great – keep running.

Keep Running

Lucy xxx”

So I took to Facebook and posted it on my page and asked friends to share. I posted it on The Lincolnite page and The Lincolnshire Echo page. Quickly The Lincolnite got in touch to do a piece on this http://thelincolnite.co.uk/2015/08/lincolns-fundraising-slimmer-searches-for-lucy-after-touching-letter/ I was getting constant notifications of shares by random strangers, lots of kind comments and hundreds of likes.

What struck me is how many people said it was great and what Lucy had done has restored their faith in humanity. I have no idea how many people have been touched, inspired or motivated by my story today but I had someone shout from the pub to keep going tonight after the asked ‘were you the guy on the internet today?’

So I want to finish with a question and a challenge.

Please help me find Lucy who is from Lincoln or nearby? The challenge is why don’t we all be like Lucy? It doesn’t have to be every day, nor does it need to be sticking a letter for someone to find on South Park by the traffic lights at Bishop King Primary School. It could be a quiet word to say well done. It could be to get a colleague a coffee or tea. Believe me it will make a huge difference.

To all those who are on the same journey and to those who maybe struggling with weight loss or any other issue. Please keep going you inspire so many people you just don’t realise.

Be Lucy. Make a difference.





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