I found Lucy

Lucy has been found.

Tonight’s blog is going to be short and to provide a quick update, I can say that after Lucy came forward I got in her touch with her as she requested. Various messages were exchanged and we arranged to meet. Lucy was blown away with what has happened as am I. We chatted for a good hour but it felt like we had known each other for longer. I was able to thank her for her kindness and give her some flowers as a small token of my appreciation.

What has totally blown me away is that Lucy was so humble about it all. She didn’t think she had done anything special that all she had done was to encourage me. Well what I want to say is that Lucy has done a lot more than that. By her simple act of kindness a lot of people have been impacted.

I have set myself the personal challenge of saying one nice thing to someone that I don’t know as often as possible but at least once a day. It would be great if we would all do that. If you do this then please do let me know either through here on the blog or on face book either on my page fatboygettingslim or profile fatboygetting slim.

Have a great Sunday.





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