Treat Saturday

Treat Day

Since I started my weight loss journey I have had what I called point free Saturday. I weigh in on a Saturday morning so had in my mind that it didn’t matter what I eat I would lose it by the following week. Most weeks it worked but occasionally it did not.

I never really thought about what I was doing but just did it. For lunch I would have a lot to eat including crisps and chocolate and any other sweets that I fancied (often a sneaky bag of crisps on the way home from the shop as well) and tea would be a take away usually followed by ice cream and chocolate. Sometimes treat day became treat weekend and looking back I felt bad on the Monday morning if not before. After a few months I started thinking a bit more as to what I was doing and also more importantly why I was doing it.

So why was I doing it? Most people I know who go to a weight loss group get weighed at night so usually have a treat dinner/tea and realistically wouldn’t be able to do too much damage, but I was doing it for a whole day. So I started thinking how I felt about what I was eating, well normally it felt good (I managed to push away the thoughts about how bad it was for me and that I felt guilty about eating it). As I started looking back at my life I realised a lot of the treats I had were food related. Trips to Mcdonalds, a pie at the football (yes I usually ate the pies 😉 ) sweets at the cinema or an ice cream especially when staying at my grandparents a big treat was to have an ice cream from the ice cream van that came round. In hindsight I now realise that I associated the food as making me happy but in reality it was what I was doing ice cream with the grandparents, football with my grandpa you get the idea.

As I have blogged about before I ate to make me happy, I ate when I was happy and when sad. Food was my comfort blankey and so after weigh in, even when I had a good loss and was happy I felt something was missing – yes my treat food. I slowly started to try and be more away of what I was eating on a Saturday to the point where I am now consciously cutting back on what I have. Yes I may well still have crisps or chocolate or a take away but it is a lot less, 1 bag of crisps not 3, a small bar of chocolate not a sharing bar to myself etc.

As a result of this I feel better and I have slowly started realising that a treat doesn’t have to be food. It can be a new top or half an hour to myself (thanks Mrs B). I now feel better and have managed to stop feeling guilty about treat Saturday.





Next blog – it’s not all about what the scales say


2 thoughts on “Treat Saturday”

  1. Loving your blogs Jonathan. Looking forward to reading the next one! I have a picture of you on my fridge to remind me not to comfort eat!!


    1. I always blame my poor self control but I know it’s possible to break this habit – you are testimony to this and an inspiration to many.


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