Non Scale Victories

Non Scale Victories

NEWS  JANE TOMLINSON 10K RUN FOR ALL IN HULL -14/6/15 - runners move along Humber STreet in Hull, just before the half way mark. Picture: Jim Mitchell race racers run runners running ran charity
NEWS JANE TOMLINSON 10K RUN FOR ALL IN HULL -14/6/15 – runners move along Humber STreet in Hull, just before the half way mark.
Picture: Jim Mitchell
race racers run runners running ran charity

I have been thinking about this for a few weeks and was going to write a blog on this the other week but felt I had to wait to write it. Following on from my blog yesterday about treats and a few conversations that I have had, I feel it is important to say what I am going to say.

When you embark on a weight loss journey (IT’S NOT A DIET!! Future blog to come on this) it is very easy to be obsessed about what the numbers on the scales say. We analyse every 1/4lb or 0.35kg, anyone who says that they haven’t well I would say they are super human or trying to make you feel bad. It is natural to be focused on the numbers and let’s be honest most things we do or see in life revolve around numbers; that could be how much we earn, how much we need to keep the wolves from the door or what size we should be. We have become obsessed and not always in a good way.

When I had my first gain this time around as I have written I was far from happy but one of the wonderful ladies from class (she is now my leader) said but your clothes look bigger! Now at this point I would normally make a sarcastic reply “well doh I am fat you know! So I need bigger clothes” but something stopped me. I was surprised as I have used sarcasm and making fun of myself my defence mechanism in whatever situation I have found myself in; if I didn’t then I went for the angry confrontation which over the years I realised was not the best way to do things. So I looked at myself and thought you know what “yes Grace you are right my clothes were looking bigger!” I still didn’t have a lot of confidence or self-belief as deep down I have always been rather insecure but used the aforementioned defence mechanisms to try fool the world that ‘hey I am fine.’

Well I want to say if you can replace me with you in the last sentence then please stop. You are worth it, you are liked by many people but most importantly of all please, please stop putting yourself down. Yes I still find myself reverting to my self-defence at times but when I realise I try and find a mirror and speak to myself saying ‘I am fantastic, I am loved, I have been created in a wonderful way and the best is yet to come.’ If you find yourself doing this try speaking into the mirror in the morning when brushing your teeth and repeat before bed – I am worth it, I am loved, I will do this. The use of I will is setting your expectation that you will and declaring you will. Try it and trust me you will notice a difference.

Over the first year of my journey I had a fair few non scale victories this ranged from saying no to pudding; sometimes even my favourite apple pie and ice cream!!, to walking up stairs and not taking the lift. You get the idea anything that I wasn’t able to do before or that I now found easier. However one of the best non scale victories I had came towards the end of summer 2014. I had got rid of another few lbs and needed some new smart trousers and shirts as those I had were far too big to keep wearing. So off we went into town this was a victory as before I had to go to specialist clothes shops or buy online, but I went into a shop found on many high streets and even better there was a sale on! Now normally I try avoid buying clothes but this was due to hardly being able to find any big enough to try on but this time I knew I could. My fantastic wife and son were with me and helping me choose various things to try on. My instinct was still to go for the biggest size but I soon realised that they were too big. At the end I had got about 5 new shirts, 2 new pairs of trousers and a suit jacket and I was happy as Mrs B bought them for me but most important of all I felt good. Yes I couldn’t believe I had bought what I did from a high street store so much so I sent a message to a few friends to let them know. You see I may not have seen the numbers on the scales go down but I had a victory off it. Briefly another non scale victory is running but I will be writing about that in the next few months.

So please don’t obsess about the numbers on the scale always coming down. Look for those non scale victories, smaller clothes size, walking the dog for an extra 10 minutes, taking the stairs instead of the lift, turning down seconds when having a meal.

But most important of all please believe in yourself.





Big Trousers
Big Trousers

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