Negative = Positive. An attitude of Gratitude.

Negative = Positive. An attitude of Gratitude.

So, over the course of my ongoing journey a number of people have stated how positive I have been. This is good to hear and in fairness I try to be! At a wedding this weekend the mother of the bride in her speech said about the groom, and I paraphrase ‘ I love the fact that when Natasha says something negative about herself Nathan makes her say 6 positive things about herself’ This really challenged me.

Too often in life we are negative and not positive, this also applies to when people say positive things about us. I have really struggled to accept the positive comments that people have been saying about me sure I say thanks but often I want to beat a hasty retreat. Why is this? I am not sure but I suspect it may be linked at least partially to all the negative words that have been spoken to me and about me over the years, from comments about my weight to comments about me never achieving anything. Those negative words are the words that have stuck with me.

Over recent years I have tried to change my mind set to show gratitude when people give me compliments, to try ignore the negative comments that I get and focus more on the positive comments. Not only that, I have tried to say to myself something positive each day. Instead of when I look in a mirror saying how ugly I look (yes us blokes do care about how we look and have hang ups like many woman do) to saying I look good, and believing Mrs B when she tells me this!!

Another thing that I have noticed in many groups on facebook I belong to and in various situations I find myself in, is many people are negative about themselves especially when it comes to weight loss (although not exclusively). Perhaps saying something negative before others might. I often see people say that they can’t do it. Well I want to say that if I can you can. If you think you can you will. 7 simple words but 7 words that I believe can change how you view yourself on your journey in life. I am no psychologist but I honestly believe that if you think positively about what you face then it can play a part in how you go about achieving your goal. If you say you can’t lose weight then chances are you won’t, but if you think and believe you can, you will. Whatever situation you are in whether it be a new job, weight loss or training for a marathon please give it a try, be positive about yourself as you are worth it. You are not the negative words the bullies said about you. Turn those words of negativity that have been said to you and turn them into a positive effect and use them to spur you on. The other thing I would ask you to try is to accept a compliment, to say thanks and genuinely mean it and genuinely accept it. Maybe write it down in a notebook, keep it on a post it, on your phone. Store the positive comments to spur you on when you feel down and think that you can’t do it. An attitude of gratitude can brighten your day!







One thought on “Negative = Positive. An attitude of Gratitude.”

  1. Many Thanks again Jonathan, I have never been so encouraged to know that ” I CAN “, I am working hard on being “Positive ” that my weight will come down, and you have been such an encouragement to me, I now eat as healthy as I can, and have gotten rid of a lot of rubbish ” for me ” for the first time ever, I have been able to let go of the things that are keeping me fat, I know I have to have “Patience ” as I am unable through age ( 73 ) and health, I suffer from a “Balance disorder ” and muscle pain, so running is out for me !!! but I shall do what I can, will take more time, but Hey, I SHALL be the correct weight for me one day . so again a big Thank You


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