Don’t Give Up

Don’t Give up.

A question I have been asked numerous times recently is have I ever thought about giving up on my journey. The answer to that is yes. The first time I hit a patch where I kept maintaining for a few weeks. My mind went back to previous journey’s where I have tried to lose weight and the same happened. I gave up. The voices of teachers from school saying I would never achieve anything. The cutting comments of many people over the years. Of a minister who said I would never be a man unless I had my own children all have come back to haunt me.

So what is different this time? Well a lot of things, as I have previously written about have changed. The main thing is I want to do this for me. Looking back over the years I have tried to lose weight to please others. As I say though I have changed my mind set. I often catch myself in the mirror (something, mirrors that is, that I used to avoid as much as I could) saying not only I can do this but I will do this.

If you think you can you will.

So tonight whatever journey you are on, whatever battle you are facing please don’t give up. You can do it. It may take you a while to get there but you can do it. If I can buy clothes in the high street you can win your battle. If I can finish a 10km race you can win your battle ( I have done 3 so far and look out for more info about my fundraising challenges next year), If I can overcome being an undiagnosed dyslexic until I was in my 30’s you can overcome to.

I work my way through I can’t do it, I want to do it, how do I do it? I’ll try do it, I can do it & I will do it!! Sometimes I need to revaluate how I will do it and when I will do it by but I try keep focused on the I can and will do it.

So please don’t give up. Face your battle straight on and say I am not giving up. I can do this.

If there is anything I can do to help support and encourage you on your journey I will.

Don’t give up! You can do it.









One thought on “Don’t Give Up”

  1. Thank you for this post. I think that this great advice works for any battle in life not just dieting. I can relate to this in many ways because I am trying to lose weight but I also feel like giving up on something else I have been working on. Meanwhile, I can relate to being dyslexic. I was diagnosed at 40 years old.
    In my school reports the teachers always commented on my good behaviour and how hard I worked. On my reports it often said ‘works hard’ or ‘tries hard’ but my grades were poor. As hard as I could try grade ‘c’ was the best I could get and that took an unsustainable amount of effort. At the age of 13 I gave up trying. I didn’t give up for good and have had some fantastic experiences and a lovely life as a whole. However, those childhood experiences at school sometimes still have an effect on me in the form of an underlying lack of confidence, and a tendency in becoming discouraged and wanting to give up. So thank you again for these encouraging words.


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