Enjoy the journey

Enjoy the journey

First of all apologies for the lack of blog posts over the past few weeks. This has been due to life being busy, dealing with a few issues and also due to not being able to exercise and feeling sorry for myself.

I have struggled over the past few weeks and have gained a bit of weight nothing drastic and now heading in the right direction. I found myself getting frustrated that as I approach my 2 year anniversary of my journey that I wouldn’t have lost what I had in mind and found myself beating myself up about it. After a maintain the other week and having a chat with one of the ladies at fat club I came home and looked over some old pictures. You see, I was too focused on the future, I had forgotten about the journey from the past to the present.

I also realised that as it took me 30 years to get to my biggest that it wasn’t going to be quick to get down to where I want to be. So I took the time to appreciate the journey. You see in life we are often too focused on where we want to get to we forget about our journey.

I have been on a number of journeys in life some good such as getting married; others not such as good- infertility but each journey has taught me a valuable lesson some I have realised at the time others years later and some that I have still to realise and understand. I want to encourage you that when you find life tough remember about the journey but more importantly enjoy it.

The other news that I want to share is that I have signed up for my biggest challenge yet with my running!! I have signed up to compete in my first ever half marathon at the End of February in Cambridge. I shall of course be updating the blog with how things are going with training and life in general.









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