Choose To Bloom
This may seem an odd title for a blog post but this morning I didn’t really want to go for my run. My bed was nice and warm and comfy. However as I have a half marathon coming up at the end of February I dragged myself downstairs and went out for my run. I hadn’t decided how far (well in my mind I was thinking just a short run). As I was running my mind began to clear from all the business of the week and as I have a day off today this is useful.
The route I was running has an underpass that runs under one of the main routes into Lincoln. It is surprisingly quiet. This morning I noticed some graffiti which looked newer than the other graffiti already there. I could see it said something and it said in big black writing


This got me thinking about some things as a family, we have been through. Of situations we are going through. One of the biggest battles we have faced and in all honesty continue to face is that of infertility. We have been told that we will never have kids the natural way (for those who love Friends think Chandler & Monica). As we walked through those early days we had a choice. We could let it get us down and stay down, we could let it kill our hope, our dreams our plans or we could choose to bloom. We made the choice to bloom, to become stronger as individuals and as a couple. We have a fantastic son who is ours.
I’m not saying that it was easy and each day we make that choice to bloom, to grow yes there are days when things get in top but we choose to learn and grow. So whatever you are going through look for the opportunity to grow.




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