Just keep running

So, as a lot of you will know on Sunday the 28th February I lined up to compete in my first half marathon. This would be the longest race I had entered and the toughest. Training had gone well bar a couple of injuries. So off to the start I went ready to face it. Yes I had the big doubts about ‘would I be able to complete it?’ ‘Can someone as big as me run/jog 13.1miles?’
I soon found myself in the final position one of my worst fears had come true I was last and that in my mind meant that they would pull me from the race. At this point the doubt kicked in big style that I wouldn’t finish. However I knew that I wanted to and was determined that I wanted to finish. My running mentors’ words came back into focus – ‘If you think you can you will’ and a phrase myself and Jess use often and has stood us in good stead – Never lose hope. So with the support of the organisers (a massive thanks to Steve who was with me most of the way on his bike and not to forget Gary who’s jokes kept me going around mile 8-9) I kept on keeping on!
As I continued one foot in front of the other; after a few miles I could feel pain in my left foot a few more miles the same in my right foot – who knew blisters could be so big or painful?! I kept going. At around the 8 mile marker I was told they needed to re-open the road… this was it I could feel myself getting ready to be pulled from the race. They said “are you ok on the path?” “yes” I panted “that doesn’t bother me as I will finish.” Steve said he knew as he could see the determination on my face.
There were parts of the race that were mentally tough and I wasn’t fully prepared for that and I had to bite my lip to stop the tears coming; as well as give myself a slap for being so soft. Especially after my family saw me at the 10 mile mark that was tough. I kept going, the last 3 miles were a struggle I was in agony and ended up walking as physically I could not lift my legs. Every step hurt but with my determination to prove to people I could do it and Steve’s encouragement and the thought of the Millionaire shortbread at the finish line I kept going.
As I came into the home straight Jess lifted Michael over the barrier to run with me – no one cared thankfully. As Michael was beside me for those final few hundred meters he told me how proud he was of me. Again I had to try not cry. My mentor John who had finished a good 90 minutes before joined me then Steve said run, so I did; not very fast but I ran across the finish line with my boy at my side. I had done it. I had completed a half marathon.
Completing the race has taught me a lot. It has taught me that at the point where I think I can’t go anymore that I can. When it looks like the easiest thing to do is to throw the towel in it is better to keep going. No one can take away my medal or the memories (I wish they would take the blisters away!) No one can take away the money I have raised (donations still being accepted as my next race is the Lincoln 10k – you can donate by following the link https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/fatboygettingslim).
So please be encouraged by this that you can achieve your goals. You can get through the tough times. People believe in you; even strangers on a bike who turn out to be angels in disguise!
Ps I have said I will run it next year and I am determined to be quicker even if I am last. I just need to make sure I get a place.


4 thoughts on “Just keep running”

  1. A massive well done to you! You and your family and friends must be so proud. I don’t know you, but i am runner myself and I love reading your goals and achievements. It doesn’t matter if you come 1st or last you have still achieved the same distance. Keep smiling, keep running, and keep achieving, you are doing fantastic!
    Sharon 🏃🏼😃🎉🎉


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