Limping On

Limping On

It has been a while since I have blogged, so sorry for those who were waiting on one. To be honest I just have not been in the best of places recently. I ran my half marathon at the end of February which was great; although I did suffer from bad blisters and a lot of pain during the race. I rested for a few weeks and got back into it but was still struggling. I had the Lincoln 10k fast approaching and money to raise for my chosen charity this year Christian Partners in Africa and for 2 great projects that they are involved in which are St Paul’s Community Primary School in Uganda and Afar Girls education project in Ethiopia (you can donate here I ran the race quicker than I did last year but off my PB which was disappointing. I struggled and was in pain. A week later I was away with work and with some friends who advised me to have a further rest as I was struggling to walk. I tried to go for a run but didn’t get any further than my hotel room. So I went to the doctor when I got back home and was sent for an x-ray. I thought it was cartilage damage but when I got the results I was shocked. Arthritis in both knees. I’m only 33; only old folk get arthritis I thought. It felt like I had been hit by a bus. I asked what this meant for my running and was told that I had to stop. I was far from happy and in fairness was rather grumpy about it. Still am.
Running was something that I enjoyed. I could run wherever I was, I didn’t need loads of expensive gear (although proper running trainers are a must). What I enjoyed about it most was how relaxing it was, it was me time where I could de stress. If I wanted to think about nothing I could, if I wanted to think things through I could, if I wanted to pray I could. I am still missing getting up at silly o’clock to go for my run. I have said I will start swimming but keep putting this off as it means to me in my mind I will never run again. I have come to accept that I need to look at this as an opportunity. An opportunity to try something different. Just because I can’t run this doesn’t mean that I can’t be involved so I have volunteered to help at the Lincoln Half Marathon in October this year. I still tell people of the benefits of running.
In life we often have doors closed on us. When they do we have a decision to make. We can walk keep knocking and pushing and often get frustrated that nothing is changing. We can knock on different doors until one opens or in some cases we force it open. The other option we have is to walk away and not knock on any doors. This is what I was close to doing but I have come so far and don’t want to throw it away. I don’t want to be sat thinking if only. I have to say thanks to those who have helped me realise that I need to keep going. If you are struggling then keep going.
This is also not the end of my fundraising I will think of some challenges that I can do and will give it my all.




One thought on “Limping On”

  1. Harsh to hear that fella :/ Can you do any distance walking, or is it any kind of footfall on pavement that is out of the question now? Maybe look into plyometric exercises, so you can still workout without needing to go to a gym or buy expensive kit?
    Keep on keeping on!


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