Surrender All

So as I look forward to a new year I sit looking back at 2016. A lot has happened. There have been some great highs and in fairness a lot of lows. From completing the Cambridge Half Marathon to a few months later being told have arthritis in both knees and to stop running. To my Gran passing away and receiving her Well done good and faithful servant from her Lord and Saviour to sharing a great Summer holiday with one of our closest and best friends. There has also been a change of Church as we walk the way God is guiding us. There have been so many times that I know that it was absolutely the right thing to do and I love being part of a great body of people and do church with them. There has been my battle with mental health issues which culminated on Sunday the 18th September when I had a breakdown, and a period of time off work. This is just a snippet of some of 2016. As I reflect and pray about what’s ahead I know that God is with me whatever happens. I thank God for those who are beside me in 2016 still being there in 2017. I have been challenged over recent days by the Hymn I surrender All.

I look at 2017 knowing that I have to give it all to Him and that no matter what happens God knows what is going on. I thank God for the difficulties of 2016 as without them I wouldn’t be a better person and I pray that I will be able to help other’s in time.

I also feel the need to say that there may be some reading this who are struggling with life, some who are unsure if they should go on or walk away. Some who dont know why they are where they are. Today I suggest that you surrender whatever ‘it’ is to Jesus and to trust in Him.

To churches who dont seem to be moving or feel like going backwards or who aren’t sure why certain programmes aren’t working please give it to Jesus and let Him guide you. Put aside your own ideas and dreams, stop worrying about what other churches are doing or not and start breaking down walls and saying Jesus we surrender it ALL to you.

I pray that whatever you belief is that 2017 will be a great year for you.

If you want to know more Jesus then please feel free to ask me or check out a local church.

Dont loose hope.



3 thoughts on “Surrender All”

  1. A really well written, positive, authentic and measured blog. God bless you JB. Know that ‘ in all your ways, He will direct your path’ – trust Him in the changing seasons. It’s good to believe and know, that God isn’t making all this up as He goes along. He knows the steps we take. Keep your heart pure and generous. Have a great 2017!
    Chris B


  2. I stumbled upon this blog via the Stacey West blog which was all a bit random.
    The truths in this post are so important they must be remembered everyday. The path is narrow but we all know it’s worth it.
    I’ll be praying for you.


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