A new journey

So it has been a while since I have blogged. There are many reasons for this but I saw this and it got me thinking about my journey over the last year or two.

You see when in a dark place there is a tendency to think that it’s over, that you won’t have a purpose or be able to have an impact. However over the last few months I have been on a new journey. This is a journey that will benefit my health and in the long run also my mental well being. I started Cambridge Weight Plan and in a little over 5 months have lost 6st 7&1/2lbs.

I know not everyone is keen on Cambridge but this blog is not about the merits of it or otherwise but trough starting this journey I have made some great supportive people online and been able to share a journey not only in terms of weight loss but also around mental health.

I am slowly discovering the plant that I am intended to be and whilst it is scary and to an extent unnerving it is also liberating and refreshing.

So enough of my rambling I just want to encourage you that if you are in a dark place that there is something better to come, also if you are struggling there is no shame in that, but please get help.

Here is to the start of me becoming a new flower that has never been seen before.



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