The Story so far

First of all welcome to my blog and thanks for taking time to read it. I intend to blog about my weight loss journey and also my running journey and who knows a few other things as well. These may be things that come to me as I run.


So why write a blog well I have been inspired by a few blogs out there and after asking a few people they said I should. Not only that is when I look at various blogs out there and also diet magazines there is very little written from a man’s perspective. I want to be honest about how it feels to be an overweight man and the battles and emotions that I and others like me face.


So to start I thought I would share my story so far. So in the summer of 2013 I had to go for my yearly asthma check up. I could tell the nurse was not happy with my peak flow despite my explanation that I had also blown a low result. I was told to visit the other surgery for a lung capacity check and then told I had to be referred for an x-ray. When I phoned up to make the appointment they asked me to attend straight away. Well this set alarm bells ringing. What do have they not told me? What do I tell Mrs B? So off I went and a few weeks later I chased up the Dr to be told I needed more tests so my Sunday appointment came round and ECG and another test where carried out. The results were all fine apart from some excess fat around the heart. This was no surprise as well I was no bean pole. I realised then I had a choice. A choice to live and watch my 5 year old grow up or a choice to be dead within a few years.


I decided life. This was my moment and I decided to take it with both hands. I knew I was big but nothing prepared me for standing on the scales for the first time. Sure I had tried diets and weight loss programmes before in fact for over 20 years I had tried everything going but it never lasted. This time I was determined and repeat to myself most days I will and I can do this. I got a referred to Weightwatchers for 12 weeks and the Saturday I walked into class for the first time was daunting. I was not prepared for how heavy I was. As I stepped on the scales and watched the numbers go up into the teens and then rapidly through the 20’s I felt like running out and crying but I knew I had to stand and face the truth. After what felt like hours the numbers stopped and well I wasn’t far of 31st. I was mortified and all the negative words that had been said to me over the yeas came rushing back. The name calling and bullying at school. The barriers I put up through my life all came back up. I could feel denial mode coming but quickly gave myself a slap to say no I will do this I am fatboygettingslim. I decided that my statement of intent would be #fatboygettingslim. I made the decision that I would get there no matter how long it takes I will be #fatboywhogotslim


I will pick up on my next blog about how I found those first few weeks and don’t worry my story about running will be posted soon as well.


I will continue the story of my journey to today another day as it is late and I plan an early morning run.



Aka #fatboygettingslim