I had been getting rid of my weight for nearly a year (I say this because in my mind if I loose something I want to go find it and get it back but when I take it to the tip I never want it back) and I knew that I needed to start exercising. More importantly I wanted to start exercising. I had cycled on and off for years which I enjoyed; but I wanted to do something that it didn’t matter where I was. This was partly driven by the fact that I often travel for work so I needed something that would fit in with that.

My son had previously asked me to go running with him, my fantastic wife had just started the couch to 5k programme, so it made sense. So the 3 of us took the dogs to a quiet area off the river, away from where we lived so no one would see us.

Well, to say I struggled would be an understatement. It was only running for 30 seconds at a time but I struggled. I didn’t fully appreciate how unfit I was. I felt good after though; well I did when I could breathe again!! So we kept doing it until a few weeks in I decided I wanted to do 5k. This was a nice route from where we started to a bit further down. I knew the stretch of river well. Mrs B had decided she preferred being on her bike or swimming.

So off I went with my music on to keep me going. I did it. It may have taken over an hour but I did it, What I noticed was that other runners are so supportive with their shouts of keep going or well done, a nod of the head and a smile, a couple even ran with me for 5 minutes. Those runners I met on that first run won’t have known what that meant to me, which is why I always at least try to smile to other runners.

I stopped doing the programme and just decide I would go running. So I started setting my alarm early and heading out. This had a few benefits

  1. It was dark (I started at the beginning of Autumn) so no one would see how big I was or how slow I was running.
  2. The dogs had their morning exercise.
  3. It was done and dusted for the day.

The 4th thing I quickly found was how going for a run really clears my head. It gives me time to thing about things. To clear my head and get ready for the day ahead. I also use that time to pray and talk to God and to listen to him. I know don’t run with music, and usually don’t run with my hearing aids in. I love listening to the birds singing, to the quietness of the morning. I find it so refreshing.

If you are thinking about running but have never been sure here are a few things to help you decide to run

  1. It is good for your health, not just physical but research shows also for your mental health.
  2. It is cheap to get started. All you need is shorts/joggers a tshirt and trainers to start. A word of caution if you find you are enjoying it I would really recommend going to a specialist running shop and getting them to sort you out with a pair that will support you properly.
  3. You can do it anywhere! The first thing I pack in my suitcase when going away even if for a night is my running gear.
  4. It can be something you do on your own or with others. I normally run on my own but I do enjoy running with others.
  5. It is free- no costly gym membership fees, no wear and tear on the car.

The other reason is if I can run anyone can. It doesn’t matter how far you run, nor how fast or how elegant your running style is you are doing it.

I fell in love with running. I run usually 5 times a week. It keeps me focused. It helps with the getting rid of the weight and I’ve made some great friends along the way.

I will blog some more about my running adventures as I have gone on to complete3 10k races with some exciting challenges ahead next year!!






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